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Phil Young New Forest Astronomy
Hello my name is Phil Young and I live in a Market Town called Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest National Park in England U.K.
I was a small boy when I first got interested in Astronomy, thanks must go to my brother George for pointing me in the right direction in this very rewarding hobby, ever since my brother pointed out to me the stars and constellations I have been hooked on astronomy ever since, but it has only been the last ten years or so that I have been involved with Astrophotogaphy.
For my day job I work in a Bicycle shop, I am also an officer for
CFDS (A worthy cause ) in Hampshire UK .

It is truly amazing what the modern CCD cameras are capable of doing, it was not that long ago astrophotography was for the experts and those that could afford to buy a CCD camera. But now things have changed, the cost has come down significantly, and the equipment is now widely available.
Unlike ordinary photography, where you can see your subject and point and shoot, imaging of deepspace objects can take many hours of imaging time to obtain a result, and then many hours of processing to get to the finished result.
Astrophptography is a very rewarding hobby, even now when I look back at some of my
first images they still give me a thrill of satisfaction knowing that I took that image, they do not look much compared to the images that I now can capture, but at that time I was very happy that I got an image of something that was Millions of light years away from Earth, that was a result. From there on I was hooked on Astrophptography. ( clik here to see my page before and after images )
My advice, if you are interested in Astrophotography join an astronomy club or astronomy forum they will have a wealth of experience and will only be to glad, to share with you, how they go about setting up their equipment and will point you in the right direction to get you started in this very rewarding hobby, and most of all enjoy what you are doing after all it is a hobby, so have fun.
I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and hope that you enjoyed your visit. Please return to see what is new.

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