Astrophotography by Phil Young

Some of my first and latest images

Before & after images

I was amazed with my first astro images that I captured, I can remember jumping up and down with joy thinking to myself wow I have managed to image something from the realm's of deep space , but even today when I look back at them I still think to myself yeh…. they are not bad for my first attempt at deep space imaging LOL. Here is a small selection of my "first and latest image's " of the same astro objects.. My advice to you would be to keep at it and enjoy the challenge you will be amazed how much you will improve over time,also think about joining an Astronomy club you will find that the members will be glad to help you out and point you in the right direction. But most of all remember to enjoy what you are doing It will be worth it !!! MOUSE OVER IMAGE TO REVEAL

The great Orion Nebula

Andromeda Galaxy

M81" Bode's" Galaxy

The Flame & Horsehead nebula

M82 The fireworks galaxy

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy